Sunday, February 15, 2009

Going back to Varsity...

This week was VERY busy! I started my Diploma in Hand Therapy at the University of Pretoria (aka "Tukkies"), and BOY did they make us work hard! Postgrad is tiring and we are chopping down lots of trees with all the gazillions of photocopies we had to make.

But seriously, this was info-overload in its highest grade! I am amazed that I survived varsity at all. I have no clue as to how I survived hour-long lectures and sat in class from 8 - 4pm with only VERY short lunch breaks in-between. I am now really in the mood to join a gym and start exercising, cause that's the only way I can think of that my body won't conk in on me this year! That maybe also explains why I had such a good-looking body back in my 2nd year. What, with all the classes I had to attend, I went to gym EVERY day of the week! So I'm motivated to once again look and feel great. Thinus tends to agree with me on this one, except he's one ahead in that he's already going to the gym at his work. Lucky man!

I stayed in Pretoria the entire week, except for Monday night as I had to go for an interview pertaining my current job. My word, so after a very LONG and BUSY first day at varsity on Monday, I still had to drive back to Johannesburg (70km to our house from Pretoria University), pick up my husband and go for this interview at 19H30 PM! I was SO tired and overworked by the time I got to the interview, that I became extremely stressed and could not eat. I made the mistake of having a bite of a cheese-muffin Thinus was eating, and I was IMMEDIATELY nauseous. After the interview I was exhausted (it was not a very long interview), and Thinus bought us McDonalds. Yeah for an awesome husband! It's been about 1 - 2 months since we last had any take-outs.

Thinus and I missed each other a lot this week, him more than me. I was just so busy at varsity, but in those very rare quiet, uninterrupted moments I would catch myself missing him. He had a hard week at work, but he came home to an empty house every night, poor thing! I, on the other hand, went to stay with my mother's youngest sister and her husband and it was like having parents there while I studied. AWESOME! So I worked hard during the day, drove back to my aunt's place, study, eat, study and sleep.

I better be off now, as I still have to make Sunday lunch, and it's already 14H35 PM!!!