Sunday, June 10, 2012

We are moving!!!

We have been looking for a house since August 2011, and what a mission it turned out to be! But finally, on March 3rd this year, we found a home :-)

I had a LOOOOOONG list to be fulfilled, including that it should not be a sectional title, must have at least TWO doors going outside, a garden, a double kitchen sink, a window over that kitchen sink, a shower for my husband, at least 3 bedrooms, a garage....the list goes on. Most important was that it would be the most affordable house in the best area.

What we found was: a sectional title, 2 bedroom flat with a garden. It was affordable and in the best area. I've made peace that we need to get our foot in the market. And the flat was really the way to do it.

SOOOOOO, today after church we picked up the keys to our new flat! After nearly 5 years of marriage, we now can call a place our home. GOD has been ever-faithful in providing the funds for the 5% deposit that we had to put down, as well as all the lawyers' fees that went along with buying a house.

Soon we'll be able to start renovating Jellybaby's solid teak cot (BIG SMILE!), and to make up the nursery. Pictures to follow soon, promise! Tonight we're spending our first night in our home - on a blow-up mattress. We are just too impatient to start our new life there to wait for our bed to come next week Saturday. Oh, and we're taking our kettle and microwave oven with to make supper. I should probably also start to pack a bag so that we'll have clothes for tomorrow!

The excitement is very tangible in our household right now. I'm just quickly resting whilst Thinus carries out some of the essentials that must go with tonight. WHOOPEE!!!!

Praise be to GOD for providing in our needs!

PS: I even have a convection oven now! Truly a blessing from above!