Friday, August 28, 2009

My life this week...

Today's my oldest brother, Otto's, 40th birthday! I'm so excited about this, since it means at least one of my brothers can now be considered - oh, wait for it - OLD! I'm just joking! It's just amazing to think that my brother has been around for so long (I never do consider that my parents are much older than that, it's like my parents don't have an age). Compared to my young 23 years, 40 years seems somewhat older. But anyway - here's to a blessed 40th birthday Otto! Love you lots!

As for the rest of my life, I'm still trying to recover from my hectic Hand Therapy assignment that I handed in this past Sunday. It's like I'm now just want to chill...yet there is SO MUCH TO DO! I'm writing Anatomy exam in 3 weeks! (Not really all that prepared yet...kinda scary.) And before my 4th Study block, I still have to finish 4 assignments. Crazy stuff!

Some more great news is that one of my best friends got engaged on Tuesday. She says it was a romantic dinner with a beautiful mountain view. Her fiancé went down on his knees and presented her with the most amazing / stunning diamond ring! I'm so happy for her - the last time I got this excited, and felt the kind of emotion I experienced when she gave me the good news, was about 2 seconds after I got engaged myself 3 years ago! Yippee for her engagement!

Yesterday we went to Pretoria University to take one of our school children for an AAC assessment (Augmentive and Alternative Communication assessment). In the process I also picked up my application forms to study my Masters Degree in AAC next year. Yet, today I'm not really sure how I will cope with another 2 years of studying! But I'll push ahead, as it is a very interesting field of study and could assist me greatly in becoming a better OT within the Special Needs Education realm.

Tonight I'm trying to just relax, read a book, pack my bags (we're going to Potch tomorrow afternoon) and get into bed early. Hope everyone had a lovely week!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Feeling yuck...

I think I've finally come down with flu - after avoiding it for most of the winter!

It all started on Thursday, when I developed a post-nasal drip (leaving me with severe nausea), then on Friday it was a sore throat, and on Saturday came the inevitable - a sore back. I always get terrible backache when I've got the flu. On Sunday came the creepy feeling over my skin, and today came the chills!

So I've been self-medicating on Corenza C, acc200, Barocca effervescent tables, with SinuTabs taken to alleviate the blocked sinuses. I'm not a happy person when I'm sick - I completely loose my appetite, and poor Thinus has to figure out what to feed me. Shame! So bread buns with Bovril and cheese, melted in the microwave, will have to do right now.

The worst is that today when I had to take my niece to ballet, traveling the road I ALWAYS travel on a Monday since the beginning of the year, I could NOT REMEMBER how to get to her ballet class! That was rather a big fright! So Zoé (my niece) told me matter-of-factly that I better not be driving around for the rest of the day. I just sat in the car waiting for her, catching up on my Hand Therapy Projects, and then drove back to her house after Ballet. Then I told my brother he better take Zoé to gymnastics, cause I'm gonna sleep off this stupid flu.

I feel slightly better now, just had my doze of effervescents again, and will now go and watch Survivor. Hope I feel better tomorrow :-\

So that's me, feeling frustrated by this stupid, unwelcome illness.

Hope everyone else is in much better health!