Monday, April 9, 2012

23 weeks pregnant and in serious discomfort!

My word, can it be that I'm already 23 weeks along?  It is wonderful to be able to report that so far my pregnancy has been uncomplicated.  I can only thank GOD, my Saviour, for being so gracious to me!

As for my level of discomfort - it has reached an all-time high!  Here are a few things I seem to find difficult doing:
  • Bend over to tie my shoelaces
  • Pull up my pants without grunting (I seriously sound like an old woman!)
  • Turn over in bed (I blame my ever-stretching ligaments for that one)
  • Sitting up in bed after lying down on my back
  • Getting in and out of my parents' very low car...
But then there are also a few things I'm loving about this pregnancy:
  • My BELLY!!!!
  • Seeing Jellybaby move about - this afternoon we put my cellphone on my tummy and Jellybaby kicked it.  We (my husband and I) thought it to be very cute - and then my husband joked about cellphone radiation and I abruptly removed the cellphone from my tummy.
  • FEELING my baby move around - it's been 6 1/2 weeks of feeling movement now, and I STILL can't get enough of it!  It is SO precious! (Thank You, LORD!)
  • Seeing people's reactions to the news that I am pregnant (quite a few people in my parents' congregation did not know)
  • My husband admiring my belly =D ... And my hubby rubbing my belly... And falling asleep next to my husband with his hand firmly on my belly... I love my husband!
  • Sharing the prospect of a new baby with my Mom!  She's the absolute BEST!
  • Seeing how my dad reacts to my pregnancy - he is suddenly very protective of my (it's never been otherwise, but never quite as overt as now).
  • Making little odds and ends for when Jellybaby finally arrives - I will post my newest creation shortly, or at least as soon as it's done (still have to finish off the edges).
  •  Dreaming about the day when we'll finally meet this sweet child.
  • Jellybaby being VERY stubborn about sharing some kicks - when I check out my belly, sure enough, Jellybaby jumps around like a circus clown.  As SOON as I tell someone else to watch, or even hold their hand on my tummy, well, what would you know?  Jellybaby IMMEDIATELY stops with any shinnanigans.  And as soon as that person turns away / remove their hand, I get a tummy-show again.  It's hilarious!  How does this child in anycase know when it's MY hand touching my belly, or someone else's hand?
  • Knowing that this child was specifically chosen for US by GOD - how awesome is that?!?!?!

A few fun facts about my pregnancy:;
  • The first time I really could see my 'bump' was at about 15 weeks - and that was only because suddenly my pants, which was perfectly comfortable at week 14, was suddenly VERY tight!
  • I felt Jellybaby move for the first time at 16 weeks 2 days.
  • My tummy has grown SIGNIFICANTLY - I can no longer button-up my jeans (YAY for Yummy Mummy Tummy), so alternative methods have to be sufficient for now.  I have found that wearing skirts are extremely comfortably - yippee!!!!
  • I have no stretch marks (I'm applying BioOil and Happy Event Cream once a day, and drinking loads of water when I remember).
  • My memory is something of the past!  I cannot remember, and I go into very depressed states when I realise that I've lost something / misplaced something / forgotten something.
  • My hands and feet are still the same size - yay for no selling (yet - hopefully NEVER)!
  • The first time someone (my mom) could see and feel my baby move was at 20 weeks 5 days - how awesome is that?!?!?!?!
Okay, I better sign off now - I am beyond tired, and seriously need to make up some sleep!

May GOD bless you in this Easter-time, and may you realise, anew, that HE gave us HIS everything through Jesus Christ!  And through Jesus' blood, we can have Eternal Life - AMEN!

Keep well and be blessed!