Wednesday, August 8, 2012

40 weeks and 2 days..... and 2 years since you died

Today I'm already 2 days past my due date (not surprising for a first baby).  I've already spent two weeks on maternity leave, finishing off Jellybaby's solid teak cot (with the help of my brother, sister-in-law, her father and my husband).  I still have to load some pictures, but today I first have to sand one railing and varnish it with its final coat.

SOOOOOO much has happened in the past few months.  We've moved into our new house (really a groundfloor apartment with a nice sized garden) and tried to sort out Jellybaby's nursery. ALMOST THERE!!!!  We're also now patiently awaiting this little one's arrival, juggling it with picking up my father-in-law at the airport arriving from Cape Town tonight.  He's hoping that he'll be a granddad by then :-)  And then there's our holiday to Kwa-Zulu Natal to look forward to!!!!  Oh, but before then Thinus is also celebrating his birthday on Saturday - SCORE!  My mom reckons that Jellybaby will come either tomorrow or Saturday - we would prefer today.

Today also marks 2 years since my brother's sudden death.  This morning I cried when I realised that I'm now exactly 10 days older than he was when he died.  I think I also was half expecting that I would go into labour during the night and have the celebration of new life on hand as opposed to just thinking about my brother.  My sadness did not prevail, and I'm now calm.  I miss my brother, and I'm sad that he can't share this time with me.  But I'm SOOOO grateful that he's with Jesus and can enjoy all the riches of Heaven!  What a blessing that is!  When I mourn, it's over my loss.  But thank GOD that he was not lost, that he served Jesus Christ as his Saviour!  Because of that I can now rejoice even on a day like today!

It's FREEZING cold in Johannesburg, and we even got SNOW yesterday!  I played in the snow alongside my nephew like a small kid! Later in the day we built a snow man (my sister-in-law made sure we didn't pass up on this opportunity).  Thinus and I even went for a walk last night (albeit to try and see whether or not we could induce this child!) and had such lovely broccolli and bacon soup for dinner!

Today I am planning on making roly-poly apricot pudding to beat this cold weather.  NOTHING like warm pudding on a cold night!  And then also maybe try and catch up on my lost sleep.

Hoping that today is the day that we get to meet Jellybaby!!!!

Blessings to you all!