Monday, June 22, 2009

Information overload and GOD IS GREAT!!!

I'm yet again in Pretoria for another week of lectures, and it being only the first day I am SOOOOOOOOO tired! This has been a day with WAY too much info being pushed into my brain. I cannot really handle the amount of work I have to process before going back to class tomorrow.

We had a class on pressure garments as well as scar management. This was followed by low tech activities one could use in a Hand therapy practice, followed by an afternoon of learning about upper limb massage and joint mobilization. EISH! I am beyond tired.

I only went to bed at 01H00 this morning, after having to finish 34 OT Reports that was due today. I emailed it, got into bed, and slept like a baby until 06H20, when I had to wake up to get ready for class. But that is not all of my adventures...

Yesterday afternoon I was doing the laundry in a twin-tub washing machine, and only half-way through did I take off my wedding ring. My wedding ring is a very small ring with three 4mm pearls on it. The ring is not supposed to be submerged into water, cause it's apparently bad for the pearls, and they can also come loose.

Anyhow, last night I came to Pretoria, and once again moved in with my aunt and uncle for the week. After getting everything out of my car, I was just brushing over my wedding ring with my finger (see two pictures below), when I suddenly realized one of the pearls (the one right at the back on the straight band) was missing. But the best is, I did not cry or even want to cry! I realized that this has happened before (3 times before), and EVERY time we found the pearls in truly miraculous ways. The first time I found my 4mm pearl in the middle of a huge ball-pool! God is AMAZING!

So I called Thinus and said that now is a good time to get me a diamond ring which I can submerge in water and don't have to remember to take off for every encounter with water. He's not convinced though ;-P But I prayed to God at 01H00 this morning (I did look for the pearl, but it was dark and I could not find it outside on the grass or in my car). I asked God to show me where my pearl is, and to find it, IF it is His will ( I know this sounds weird). I told Him that I am rather sentimental of this ring and the pearls, as it reflects a time when this was all we could afford (it was my mother's ring which my dad gave to her on their 25th wedding anniversary, and Thinus only replaced the pearls for our wedding, he could NOT afford a wedding ring), and it is precious to me. This was my heart's wish, just to find this pearl and restore the ring.

This morning when I got up, I decided to look everywhere (again ) I was last night (i.e. under the bed, the grass, the lounge, the kitchen, the hallway...) I also asked my aunt's domestic worker to help me look for the pearl. I went to check the grass again, then my car. And there I found it on the car-floor at the back... just lying there to be found! GOD IS GREAT!!!! To say the least, the pearl is now safely put away, together with the ring, in my luggage bag.

Last year I also asked Thinus for a diamond ring (an eternity ring) to go with my pearl ring, and only when he saw the two combined did he agree. So although I can't wear my wedding ring right now, at least I have the small diamond band to wear (we're talking like 3 mm wide). See the picture on the left (that's exactly what it looks like).

But I miss my pearl ring...I really do. We'll see what we can do about the ring situation, though.

Anyhow, I just wanted to testify that God really looks after us ALL the way, and knows even our smallest heart desire. I don't believe that this is petty, nor that He sees it in such a way. So we can pray to God about things like this...I really was once again proven that He can provide in miraculous ways!