Sunday, October 25, 2009

Such a long road to go...not really!

My husband has been on my case for the past few weeks now as to why I haven't recently blogged. I must say, life just kinda SWALLOWED me!

Shortly after my last blog, I had to get 4 assignments done for my Hand Therapy Diploma, and then fortunately, it was SCHOOL HOLIDAYS! For 10 glorious days I was allowed to just rest, do some serious sewing, go and watch an international cricket game with Thinus (he's NEVER been to a stadium to watch even a local cricket game - it ws the ICC Champions Trophy, New-Zea land VS South Africa ), and spending time with the nephews and nieces. What a stunning time.

Then it was back to school on Monday, 5 October, with my birthday following on Tuesday, 6 October. It was a very quiet birthday spent with family, baking cake and cupcakes. My mother and Thinus spoiled me so much, both buying me new sterling silver rings - I just love it! I also got money to spend, and bought a few picture frames, TEVO Vacbags (to vacuum pack-store clothing, toys and linen in) and CD's! Truly nice! Not to mention, I got to see my friends on Saturday, 10 October for a small get together with lots of cake and cooldrink - and Guitar Hero on XBox (Thinus bought 2 Gibson Les Paul Guitars for the price of 1, and then a week later got one of the Guitar Hero Games 2nd hand). My friends all loved Guitar Hero, but I truly suck at it! It was so encouraging though to see all my beloved friends, so sad for those who could not make it...

The past 2 weeks at school was spent in discussions and assessing children - it's really been hectic! We also had our annual prize giving ceremony, but in our school's case it's actually FOUR prize givings, since we have children aged 3 - 18 (preschool to final year high school). Truly hectic, but very awesome! And this coming week we're starting with the Gr.12 final exams - CRAZY!!!!

I also am studying since my final exams for my diploma is in 2 weeks time, which is just TOTALLY hectic, but I will survive :-) Especially since I was the one who paid for this diploma - it really motivates me to not fail anything. Just read the cartoon below to understand how I feel about studying right now - even though I'm paying for my diploma.

Then it's back to school for about 2 weeks, and then Summer Holidays!!!!! Can you gather that I'm excited? I can't WAIT for more holidays, even though I recently returned from school holidays.

So, that's me, and with photo's that will hopefully follow soon!

God Bless!!!!