Monday, March 11, 2013

7 Months Old!!!

My babagirl is a full 7 months old today!

  • LOVES getting dirty!!!
  • Micro-manages our entire apartment's floor, as well as any other floor / surface she gets into contact with.
  • Still enjoys books but now more for the 'chewing-benefit'.
  • Crawls off a single step as well as the stoep
  • Crawls ONTO the back veranda!!!
  • Moves from sitting to four-point kneeling.
  • LOVES water and enjoys splashing in the well as getting everything else wet!
  • Is very ticklish on the left side of her neck.
  • Enjoys ALL foods, except broccoli (I'm VERY sad over this).
  • Babbles away like it's nobody's business :-)
  • Started saying what sounds like "hello"
  • Talk more than she did when she was only 2 months old - and then I thought she was talking a lot.
  • Steals all the attention wherever we go.
  • Especially enjoys tags, on anything.
  • Follows me wherever I go in the house.
  • Can teach the army a thing or two about leopard crawling.
  • Enjoys snuggles with Mommy and Daddy.
  • Can hold her own bottle :-)
  • Has started to develop object permanence, so she knows when I'm out of the room that I haven't completely left her.
  • Enjoys lookint at herself in the mirror and chats to us when we're all looking in the mirror.

I enjoy my daughter so much,!  Being a mother is the most fulfilling job I've ever had.  I cannot imagine my life without my daughter. Thank YOU, LORD, for this gorgeous, fun-loving child of ours!