Monday, August 17, 2009

Feeling yuck...

I think I've finally come down with flu - after avoiding it for most of the winter!

It all started on Thursday, when I developed a post-nasal drip (leaving me with severe nausea), then on Friday it was a sore throat, and on Saturday came the inevitable - a sore back. I always get terrible backache when I've got the flu. On Sunday came the creepy feeling over my skin, and today came the chills!

So I've been self-medicating on Corenza C, acc200, Barocca effervescent tables, with SinuTabs taken to alleviate the blocked sinuses. I'm not a happy person when I'm sick - I completely loose my appetite, and poor Thinus has to figure out what to feed me. Shame! So bread buns with Bovril and cheese, melted in the microwave, will have to do right now.

The worst is that today when I had to take my niece to ballet, traveling the road I ALWAYS travel on a Monday since the beginning of the year, I could NOT REMEMBER how to get to her ballet class! That was rather a big fright! So Zoé (my niece) told me matter-of-factly that I better not be driving around for the rest of the day. I just sat in the car waiting for her, catching up on my Hand Therapy Projects, and then drove back to her house after Ballet. Then I told my brother he better take Zoé to gymnastics, cause I'm gonna sleep off this stupid flu.

I feel slightly better now, just had my doze of effervescents again, and will now go and watch Survivor. Hope I feel better tomorrow :-\

So that's me, feeling frustrated by this stupid, unwelcome illness.

Hope everyone else is in much better health!

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Elizabeth said...

awwwe! So sorry you aren't feeling good :( You know, u just described the EXACT symptoms Nathanael is dealing with today. Back pain, nasal drip etc. I SO hope it isn't some type of flu :( He is asleep now after taking some medicine. I'm praying for you that you will feel better! =) So sweet of Thinus to take care of you like that! :) Aren't husbands the BEST!?

*Hugs* for you.. feel better soon!