Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I have direction!!!

I have been threatening for a while now to apply for a Postgraduate Diploma in Hand Therapy at the University of Pretoria (PTA, South Africa). And this afternoon I FINALLY did it!

I've paid for my application, I've signed the contract, and now I'm just waiting for my new student number so that I can fax through the signed contract to the university. I cannot tell you how psyched I am!

Last year I realised how much fun Hand Therapy really is (when I was supervised by two EXCELLENT Occupational Therapy Hand Therapists at Johannesburg General Hospital). Since then I've known that I really want to study further in this direction. But up to now I have not gotten around to it.

That was until I was asked at my interview on Monday if I have applied for the postgrad diploma yet..and I had to answer "No". That really made me think I better do it fast! So this afternoon (I'm home because I'm still recovering from illness) I actually gathered up all my nerves and called the PTA University to get all the necessary info and how to go about applying for this diploma. And I just LOVE internet, 'coz I did it all via internet without any difficulty (I must say that they have an excellently designed application website!).

Now I know what I will be doing next year, besides for working for the Government's Gauteng Province Health Department. (I am not allowed to study this year, because I'm doing my Community Service Year and that's basically like your internship...or something ~ but you do get paid!)

So yah, just thought I'd share this exciting bit of news with you all! I better get back to bed body is yearning for some rest :o)



Elizabeth said...

That is very exciting news !
Thank u for updating us even though you didn't feel good.. :)
I'm so glad you found a career that you will LOVE doing (that's so rare!)
I'm sure Thinus is very proud of you too!
And hey, I never knew your Mom was a midwife!! That's too awesome.
It'll be such a great experience for all of you when you guys finally have your first baby. (I'm still waiting for the official announcement on your blog! haha..)

I hope you're feeling much better :)

Ronél said...

I wish I could announce a baby was on the way, but Thinus and I spoke about it. And we realised that now is not the best of times, financially as well as with regards to me going back to studying. But then...we don't know when GOD's decided that it's the right time!

I have not yet heard whether or not I got the job...although I was supposed to find out yesterday, but I will survive.

I am doing way better, and fortunately tomorrow is a public holiday, so I will be getting in some more rest, spending the day with my family.

Thanks for your support! God Bless!