Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Indefinite visit...

This is just a quick update with regards to Thinus' mother (my mother-in-law).

Things have not been looking too great with Thinus' mom since she came out of Rehab following the spontaneous fracture of her right femur just underneath the femoral head (and thus right hip joint). She no longer really has an appetite, sleeps a lot, and seems unaware of small things that used to matter to her - e.g. is her son John at work, have the birds / cat been fed, etc.

Last week Thursday (19 Nov) Thinus called me at work to say that he just had news that his mother is really not doing well. I have asked him to please get onto a plane and go visit with his mother for as long as he needs to. He really did not want to go, saying that he could not bear to watch his mother die without me being with him (which is kinda impossible for me right now, since I have no leave days left for the remainder of this year). But the more I spoke to people who had lost someone to cancer / death, the more I realised how important it is for him to be with his mom or at least close to his mother when she passes away.

On Friday afternoon he called me to say that his big boss had just called and had informed his supervisor that they would send Thinus to Cape Town to work there at their head offices until such time that his mother passes away. It was the biggest blessing ever, and when Thinus came out of a meeting with his supervisor he called to say he would be flying down on Monday (24 Nov). The thing is just we did not know if he would make it in time, as on Saturday his father also called to say that his mother's kidneys seem to be failing.

So yesterday (Monday, 24 Nov) at half past 2 he gets the call from head office to say his flight leaves at 5PM. What a mission, coz I was still in Orange Farm (50km away from home) having lunch with my auntie, and Thinus was still at work (16.5km away from home), working.

But we all made it home, and to the airport on time. I did not have much time to say goodbye and when I called him last night (Monday, 24 Nov) he was rather tired. It had been a very emotionally taxing weekend and day.

Please pray for Thinus, his father, brother, but most of all for his mother. That she may be pain-free and continue to be peaceful. I don't know when Thinus will be returning, and I'm already missing him tons! But I do pray that he will have precious moments with his mother in these last few days.

I've gotta go to bed now, it's been a rather long day for me too. And I have to be up nice and early tomorrow morning!


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