Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Thank You, LORD!

This morning I received an unexpected, yet VERY welcome Skype call from my friend, Elizabeth. And after our conversation, which turned into a four-way conversation when our hubbies joined in, I suddenly experienced such immense gratitude towards GOD for such wonderful friends.

I met Elizabeth in 2008/9 through my blog, and we started chatting on Facebook and eventually on Skype. We just found common ground since we share the same faith - GO JESUS! - and have similar interests (READ: Food, more food, more food, kids, GOD, kids, GOD, food). But more than that, we could connect over 1000's of miles in a way one could not before technology took over the world.

This morning I was still lying in bed, and had forgotten to close my laptop last night, when suddenly I hear the all-too-familiar Skype-ringtone. Now, at 04h45 in the morning, that's a rather interesting sound to hear. I was awake, since Thinus had just woken up to get ready for the day. Then the ringtone suddenly disappears before I can get to my laptop, only to find it was Elizabeth, all the way from Texas, calling me. Well, she was actually trying to message me, but somehow Skype called me. And here I was sitting, SOOOO excited to be speaking to my friend again! We ended up speaking for over an hour and half, via message and a quick (READ: 33-minute) Skype-call.

I have come to realise that one can make friends without ever having met a person in real life (although Skype comes PRETTY close to real life!). And I also realised that we found each other in this really huge World Wide Web, only to realise we enjoy chatting to each other. What's so special about this, you may ask? This is how I met my husband - over the internet, one morning at 02h30 AM. I was 14, and chatting on mIRC everyday, and one night I entered one of my regular chatrooms, only to find this soul sitting on his own in there, waiting for someone to come and chat. We became best friends over the internet, chatting for 11 months, before finally meeting and knowing within an instant we have to be together, we fit each other - to the T.

Now I can't WAIT to meet Elizabeth and Nathanael and their two beautiful boys, and hopefully it won't take forever to get to America. Because, this friendship seems to have stood the storms of time (we've never had an argument, but we've been through a lot together, supporting each other as best we could). Thus, it means this friendship should last until we're all old and grey but still in awe of GOD.

So, Thank You, LORD, for sending these special friends into our lives! They mean the world to us!


Elizabeth said...

Oh my goodness! You are SO sweet and thoughtful! :))
I have to say that we feel the same way about you and Thinus...You two hold such a special place in our hearts, truly. I think it's the neatest thing how God brought us together via internet! We, too, look forward to one day meeting you both and building an even greater friendship along the way. :)

Ronél said...

Miss you my friend! And we treasure you guys in our hearts, really! Keep well and be blessed this weekend!