Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Blessed Christmas!!!

Hi to everyone!

It's really been quite some time since I've last blogged, but I'm still trying to catch up with all my work that got left behind when I had to leave so suddenly to go to Cape Town (for Thinus' mom's memorial service).

I'm just quickly logging on to say "May you all have a blessed Christmas" from Thinus and myself, as we will be sorta busy for the next 2 days. We're celebrating German Christmas today with my parents and family, and then will spend tomorrow's Christmas day with my brother and his family (for the church service) and Thinus' maternal grandmother and uncle for lunch.

I still have to go and make some fudge and drag Thinus out of bed to make unbaked chocolate cookies - this year everyone is getting home-made goodies from us as we had to really check our budget! But I think it's actually WAY better than getting bought gifts, not that there's anything wrong with bought gifts ;-)

May God really transcend your Christmas and make it a joyful, loving and cherished experience!

Lotsa love,
Ronel & Thinus

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Elizabeth said...

Happy New Year!!! :) :)
Hope all is well with you guys!!