Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My moaning session

Right now I am a rather miserable person. I have to go for an (expensive) ultra-sound tomorrow to figure out if I have gallstones / stones in my gallbladder... In turn my faulty gallbladder is causing me to be a very awful person to be with, as I am CONSTANTLY nauseous. NOT NICE.

Our home computer has got a virus on it, with anti-virus software and all. Thinus says he will literally have to rebuild the computer to fix the problem! I can't even get to Mozille Firefox or Windows Internet Explorer due to the virus. Just comes to show you that it's better to pay up money for a good anti-virus than to download freeware / open software.

Now my tax return is also giving me trouble, as the SARS e-filing says I am not typing in the correct info, whatever that may be?! So tomorrow I have to go sort that out... Plus I have to go and pay a speeding fine, renew the car's license and my own driver's license. And inbetween ALL of this I have to clean our house. I forgot to mention the admin / filing that has to be done to sort out all our paperwork before we start with a new year's paperwork (which is already piling up on the kitchen breakfast-nook).

Thus I have turned into a rather depressed little heap, who snaps at the most sincere person (i.e. my husband) and dislikes doing housework. There are heaps of laundry to be done, and yet I can't find the strength in me to just even load the washing machine. So this is me, being all sorry for myself and really struggling to not be so negative about life.

One last thing, the past 2 days I've realised that something smells like it might be decomposing in my spare bedroom/store room. And to get to the smell, I first have to clean the entire spare bedroom to be able to move around in that tiny space. This makes me even more upset, I don't want to clean up all this mess! Even though I am mostly to blame for this mess :-/

May everyone else have a good week, and I really hope my week gets better - SOON!

Keep well. Ciao...

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Elizabeth said...

Aww :( That sounds so painful!
I really hope you're feeling better. :o)
I know what you mean about the computer problems!! We used to get virus and trojan after trojan with those 'free' programs you're talking about. We finally invested $50/year for Bitdefender. (LOVE IT!!) It protects up to 3 computers. Mine, Nathanael's and we gave the third code to his brother. (he loves it too!) We're actually up for renewal in a couple months, it's absolutely worth the money paid! :)

I'm a lot like you with the housework stuff, haha. Sometimes I have to almost be 'inspired' to clean my house!! Having a 3 yr old mess up everything behind me, doesn't really help matters either ;o)