Saturday, January 31, 2009

My life is almost back on track..or not ;-)

I've been really busy around school and at home. Since starting my new job, I've actually had time to help my sister-in-law out with driving the kids around for extra-mural activities. And not only that, I've been able to visit that same sister-in-law (Brenda) way more often. Keeps both of us sane, I suspect!

This week was an exciting week, as the new 4th year OT students came from WITS (University) for their Cerebral Palsy Practical. Not only that, but it turned out that one of the OT students is my Varsity - Residence 1st Year, meaning that I made sure they were alright in first year in Residence, plus they kept me sane at that stage. We were SO happy to see each other that Leigh-Ann (my 1st year, now 4th year, OT student) and I actually ran towards each other then she picked me up and we whirled around whilst screeching with happiness! She was the 4th person to know the night that Thinus and I got engaged – I told her and her roommate about 5 or 10 minutes after we got engaged.

Then, just for the HECK of it, there was a Solar Eclipse (Tuesday 27 Jan, I think?) this week! We got to see it at school when my dad called me to remind me of the eclipse. I think we got something like 35% coverage of the sun in Gauteng. Cape Town actually got about 62% coverage! And then I had my camera at school and got to take photos! (Look at the end of this post, there you will find the photos I took of the solar eclipse.)

Another happy event that happened 3 weeks ago was my dad’s birthday party to celebrate his 64th birthday. ALL of us were there, and I’m also including a family picture at the end of this post. Just to orientate you, here follows the names (and relations) of the people in the photo.

Back row: Brenda (sister-in-law, Gideon’s wife), Dad, Gideon (3rd brother), Heinrich (5th brother), Reinholdt (Oldest grandchild, Otto’s Oldest), Otto (Oldest Brother), Petrus (4th brother), Chantelle(Petrus’ wife), Jesse (sister-in-law, Marthinus’ wife, & pregnant with their second daugther), Marthinus (2nd brother).

Middle row: Joël (with his face turned away; Gideon’s youngest child), Aunty Ina (my father’s sister-in-law), Ivan (Gideon’s oldest child), Mom, Yochanan (Otto’s 2nd child), Eliyahuh (Otto’s 3rd child).

Front row: Thinus (my husband), Myself, Zoé (on my lap, Gideon’s middle child), Linda (sister-in-law, Otto’s wife), Ada (Marthinus’ 1st child), Amy (Petrus’ 1st child) & Netanyah (Otto’s youngest child). The last three girls are all the same age!

Hope you all have a great coming week. I will hopefully write a more informative post in the next week. Ciao!

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