Thursday, July 2, 2009

Cleaning this house...

I'm officially on holiday since Monday, and I had the BEST of intentions to clean my house and sort out my cupboards, etc. Yet, I'm just making more of a mess than actually cleaning.

I'm SO frustrated by our lack of FUNCTIONAL furniture which would allow me more storage space. I suddenly have to make way for all kinds of things, and have to find spots for my husband's XBox games, XBox steering wheel and his hi-fi. This all in an attempt to create a corner for our fax machine and telephone. I just wanna go on holiday where I don't have to face my house!!!!

Anyway, this is all in an attempt to create the illusion that Thinus and I actual have an organised house where we can find ANYTHING at the click of a finger! But, alas, I don't know if that was destined for us!

Let me get away from this computer with its facebook, email and interesting websites.

I better go figure out what I'm gonna do with all the games that are lying sprawled over our lounge-floor. Oh, and did I mention that there are like TEN MILLION CABLES (of various types and function I presume!) of my husband, which I don't know what to do with? And then all the toys in the toy-corner has to be sorted for the nieces and nephews... and then... and then... then the two bedrooms.

Bye nice internet, hello cruel world!

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