Monday, July 13, 2009

A week's worth of work and laughs!

This past week has been such a fun week. My father-in-law is here from Cape Town for 10 days...and BOY are we having fun! So I thought I would share it with everyone... plus photos on what my beautiful St Joseph Lily beautifully they've bloomed!

The men hard at work is because my father-in-law decided that we needed some shelves for our kitchen, and I refused to settle for chipboard / laminated wood... I wanted the REAL stuff. It resulted in us buying an old bookcase that were painted with PVA or something, and had to be paint stripped. It was HARD work on all of us, but especially on behalf of my husband and his dad.

And here are also some photos taken on our wedding anniversary when both my parents and myself were cracking ourselves up...over NOTHING! (We were all tired...and then later on I realised that my parents could hold a straight face, whilst I couldn't!)

And this shot I just HAD to put in: Where in the world do you find a BMW 3 Series being guarded by a plastic roaring lion? ONLY IN SOUTH AFRICA!!!

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