Sunday, March 13, 2011

Friendly Four

I am always excited when people realise just how rewarding it is to give to others. To recognise that there's a need other than one's own. To actually act upon that need and get out there, do something for that someone in need.

My niece (age 10) saw a need to bless others around her. She just has that kind of personality, and I think her love language(s) according to Gary Chapman might just be "Acts of Service" and "Receiving Gifts" (although she also Gives Gifts). And so started her mission to get friends together so that they could serve others by making things which would ease their needs.

Yesterday 3 of the Friendly Four got together for their first official 'meeting and made and packaged chocolates. They dropped these off at an old age home later in the afternoon. The people were SOOOOO appreciative, and I really think that they brought some sunshine to each and every person they interacted with.

I just want to congratulate my niece on her selfless actions and spontaneous personality which allowed her and her friends to let this 'club' come to life!

Thank you, Zoë, for wanting to make a difference! Jesus sees your actions, and I'm sure He's moved by it!

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