Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Unhealthy eating habits

I'm not one for over-the-top, super-creamy&rich food. But MAN, have I invested in some seriously nice food over the past weekend, and up till today?

Sunday I decided to make pumpkin fritters (actually, more like little round balls of pumpkin-mixture) that wa DOUSED with caramel sauce (homeade - naturally!). THEN, I made some more pumpkin fritter-balls last night, this time without any sauce. Added to that I sliced up quite a few baby potatoes, then fried them and proceded to cover them in salt&vinegar seasoning (read: loads of MSG).

But tonight we came home late, and that called for some vetkoek to be made. I bought some ready-made bread dough from the shops, and then made these babies!!! As my brother, Otto, explained it to a non-South African one day - it's the donut without the hole. And this picture shows EXACTLY the way we had it tonight - even had Lyle's golden syrup in the green tin... SOOOOOO unbelievably good!

Thank goodness for comfort-food South African-style!

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