Monday, September 5, 2011

Insulin Resistance and other health problems

Recently I went to a GP who seems to focus more on family planning and diet. He immediately did a gazillion blood tests (actually more like 15 of them). The reason I went to him? I'm struggling to fall pregnant.

Two of my friends have told me they were struggling to fall pregnant, then got diagnosed with insulin intolerance and once placed on medication for that, fell pregnant. Well, who could've guessed? It turns out I'm insulin resistant. But that's not all (this sounds like a Verimark advertisement) - I also have high cholesterol (family related) and high uric acid levels (which explains my severe joint pain during the past Winter. My shoulders were especially affected this Winter.).

At first I thought, okay, just change your diet as the GP told you, and drink your prescribed medication, and then you're all set! Okay, I was WRONG. The more I read about this, the more I'm learning about the type of diet I have to follow (heck, there is SOOOO much to consider). And my lack of exercise - NOT GOOD!

So, here is the bits I have made sense of:
I'm feeling very over-whelmed at this moment in time, having to process (and then digest) all this information! But, I know that in the end this will make me a happier (potentially less-moody) person who might actually fall pregnant, if GOD wills.

Hopefully I'll learn more and more each day, and I'll try my best to share ideas on my blog to inspire others also recently diagnosed with all these conditions.

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