Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A nurse for a wife and a creative OT at work

Last week Thursday / Friday (not sure which), my husband came home from work complaining of toothache. He ends up not being able to sleep the ENTIRE weekend because of this serious toothache...and when he woke up on Sunday morning his right side of his face (at the glands) was VERY swollen!

So I tell him that he needs to go and see a dentist on Monday to sort out whatever is going on. I give him our medical aid membership card, my library card (whilst he's at it, he might as well renew my library books), some money (for my library books' fines) and my bank card.

On Monday morning at 11h00 he calls me to tell me that he has a problem...he has to go and see a specialist 'cause the dentist won't be of any help. He goes to the specialist (a maxillofacial and oral surgeon) in a pr
ivate clinic (oh my goodness...here starts the testing of our medical aid benefits). This specialist informs him that he has an abscess or something that is causing the root of one of his back-teeth to infect the rest of the jawbone and surrounding gums. Not too good, but what's worse he needs urgent surgery to remove this tooth. And while they're at it, might as well remove to of his left wisdom teeth which is causing a misalignment of the rest of his teeth.

By now I'm really worrying, 'cause we need pre-authorisation, plus my husband is in immense pain and I can't really do anything about it. When I got home last night, it was with great relief that I heard that I only need to feed him (so he can take his antibiotics and pain meds) and he is as happy as can be! Double woopy for me!

So I've been trying to nurse him back to
health, or a better state of being. He is doing all right, but requires a slight increase in TLC. I've actually even done the WHOLE week's washing to limit stress experienced by him...now I just have to wash the dishes (UGH!).

Regarding my cr
eative OT-side...I had the opportunity to make a child a car (not just any car, a MERC!) from waste, and educate his mother on how waste materials can be used to make functional, strong and stimulating toys. So I thought I would include some photos on what the car looks like... I'm rather proud! The child was also thrilled with his "imoto" as the last picture shows.

The Toy Car
A convertible "nogal"!
From behind

So all in all my day turned out allright, even though we're still waiting for pre-authorisation for the surgery on Thursday... But all's well that ends well!

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