Friday, June 27, 2008

My visit to the Zoo!

Mel and I

Today I was fortunate enough to visit the Johannesburg Zoo, as part of our Johannesburg Region A Metro Rehab Department's Team Building... (*phew* - What a mouthful!) Anyway, this was only the SECOND time in my entire 22 1/2 years of existence that I had the opportunity to visit a zoo (the last time was in 1997, when I was 12 to celebrate my nephew's birthday)!

I don't wanna say a lot about the zoo itself, more about the experience. I look at those animals and I feel VERY small compared to them - have you EVER seen the size a rhinoceros grows to?! And the whole time I was there, I kept on thinking how awesome the LORD is to have made all of these majestic animals. GOD truly has a very vivid imagination. And it was also interesting to note that each antelope / mammal species had its own bird accompanying it in the encampment. I found it awesome how these animals could live in such peace with each other, complete balance.

I think my most exciting experience was getting the chance to see a polar bear in real life, as well as the rhinoceros and hippopotamus. They are so huge, and it is awesome to think that GOD provides for them.

So anyway, here follows a few photos of my day at the zoo. Hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I enjoyed taking this pictures!

Check out the little squirrel on the right of the rhino.

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Elizabeth Banta said...

ha! You're like me... I LOVE zoo's too! I could visit a zoo in ever city and be totally happy! lol..
I went to one just a couple weeks ago w/my husband & lil' boy... I was thinking too how amazing the animals are, how God is amazing for taking the time to create all the different animals for us to enjoy!
He is so awesome!!