Saturday, July 12, 2008

Life's too short not to enjoy!

1. Treat your husband well:
Last week I got the shock of the week on Monday night when I received an SMS that someone I know from school and church's husband died. The worst is they had only been married for 6 months! This really got to me, and I realised that I have to treat my husband with respect and love ALWAYS, not just when I feel like it. It has made such a difference in my outlook on our marriage, and I'm happy to report that Thinus has been treated like royalty up until now. I never leave home without telling him how much I love him, and now I actually ENJOY cooking food (I used to loath it!) - it could be our last meal together. So I am now living by the motto of "Live every day as if it is your last on earth". It's corny, I know, but it's really the truth!

2. Visit your friends and tell them how much they mean to you:
I took leave this past week, as it was our first wedding anniversary. In this time I also spent some quality time with all those I love - my family, my friends in Jo'burg and my friends in Pretoria. It was amazing to see all these friends and enjoy a cup of coffee/tea/hot chocolate with them. I truly realised that they mean the world to me, and that I can't go through life not acknowledging their part in our lives. Thus it has been a rewarding week, filled with love and enjoyment.

3. Have a Tea-party:
Today is one of my hostel-mommies' birthday party, and I can hardly wait! The invitation said "Dress up with a hat or pearls", so naturally I went on an extensive search to find just the right stuff. Finally I found a loooooong string of pink fake pearls at a haberdashery and then the outfit to suit it compliments of my aunt trying to sort out her house (YET again!). I won't elaborate on my outfit, as I will post the pictures tonight after the party - my friend whose party it is reads my blog (I think), and I don't want to spoil this for her! My husband is still trying to figure out what he is suppose to wear, so I'm doing casual-formal for him --> a decent shirt, dark jeans and Bronx. Hope it works out for him, and maybe I will even throw in a nice ol' jersey, as it is somewhat chilly this morning!

4. Clean up the house (in the company of your husband):
So last night we had my brother and his family over (2 adults, 3 kids) and I cooked up a STORM(will add the recipe tonight)! Now we are sitting with the after-math of this occasion, i.e. TONS of dishes to do (actually not that many, but our dish-basin only has one basin, causing our kitchen to look over-crowded by all the dishes). But Thinus has very kindly offered to help clean up the lot, so I'm really gonna enjoy cleaning up, 'coz I'm spending the time with Thinus. Thus nothing to worry about - all's well that ends well.

Ciao for now...expect some uber-cool blog post tonight!

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Elizabeth Banta said...

aww.. I think it's awesome that u care that much about your husband!
Aren't husband's the greatest!?? :D
I agree w/you... Treat them great even when we don't 'feel like it'. They absolutely deserve it! God gave us such a precious gift, we don't ever need to take them for granted. :)